Founded in 2010, All Green Mechanical has provided HVAC systems to hundreds of customers in Halifax, Hants, Colchester and Cumberland Counties. Owner/Operator, Pat Croucher, started All Green Mechanical because of his extensive background in Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Pat has extensive knowledge in both propane and natural gas systems. Holding a Fitter 1A Gas License, Pat has enabled All Green Mechanical to be able to install and service an unlimited size and amount of equipment. This coupled with his Red Seal in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning further expands  AGM's ability to install and service heat pumps, air conditioners, chillers and much, much more; for residential, commercial and industrial users. 

A Little Bit About Us

(A view of our group at our customer appreciation draw, February 2016)

Mission Of All Green Mechanical:

Since 2010, our team has grown to three equipment installers, one maintenance and service personnel, one sales representative and one office controller. As the company grows, so has our personnel. At All Green Mechanical, we encourage our employees to expand their minds by continuing education and to never stop learning. Our employees are consistently upgrading their skills, abilities and licences to adapt to an ever changing, energy concious world. We are proud to have such a diverse and energetic group. 

At All Green Mechanical, our mission is to provide our customers with HVAC systems and installations based on the customers needs, not their wants. We believe that by fulfilling the needs of every customer, fulfils their wants and expectations at the same time. 

From the installation, to the maintenance, to any required service, all facets of All Green Mechanical's business shall be conducted in a professional manner. As professionals in our industry, we shall present ourselves to the highest standard and ensure that every stakeholder of All Green Mechanical, is proud to be a part of All Green Mechanical.